Black Cowboys Mini Box

Black Cowboys Mini Box


We're going back to the lawless, wild, wild West! Enter Bass Reeves, the baddest marshal west of the Mississippi.

Slave turned marksman, policeman and detective, Bass Reeves arrested over 3,000 felons in his day, but he certainly wasn't the only gun-toting, people-protecting black cowboy in the Old West...Who was Biddy Mason? Nat Love? Stagecoach Mary?

The Black Cowboys Mini Box comes with one book outlining black participation in the settlement of the West as well as one experiment, the Gauss rifle. The Gauss rifle is an electromagnetic experiment that focuses on the use of coils to accelerate a magnetic projectile.

Why this activity?

The Gaussian rifle demonstrates the transfer of energy from one object to another, in this case from a steel ball to a strong magnet, as well as how kinetic energy can build upon itself. Moreover, the experiment will show how kinetic energy affects speed.

Best for children 8 and up.

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