Beacon Box


Black History books & S.T.E.A.M for Ages 4-12

We meaningfully engage children in the rich and varied history of the black diaspora using engineering, science, technology, art and mathematics activities.


Our Features

Beacon Box  uses the K-8 curriculum framework from 5 states to ensure all box activities are age and grade-level appropriate. Boxes range from age 4-12, and are purchased individually for an average price of $35. No subscription necessary. 




An age-appropriate, fun, nonfiction picture book or chapter book (for older kids) featuring an unsung black history figure and their contributions.



STEAM Activities

That age-appropriately cover earth science, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering and much more in a way that relates to the black history figure's contributions.




Extras include toys, stickers, directions for additional experiments, puzzles and candy.


About Me

In 2014, I graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies. Ever since I have looked for a way to share my knowledge of Black history with others. I realized I could have the greatest impact on those to which the legacy of Black history means the most: children. I have four nieces and nephews under the age of 10, and they all learn Black history through a mix of lessons in school and lessons at home. I created this box not just for them, but for all the Black children who spend the month of February wishing the celebration of their heritage in school focused on more than slavery and civil rights.


Our Mission

To educate Black children on the rich and varied history of Black America and the contributions of Black people in the Caribbean and Latin America. Black people have contributed greatly to the advancement of the arts, science, philosophy, engineering and more. To make Black history accessible, stimulating, and fun for Black children. Black peoples served as navigators, conquerors, translators, diplomats, sailors, pirates, architects, artists, musicians and scholars. Their stories inspire imagination and wonder.



Fresh Black History in a Box™

My child loved the Matthew Henson box! He really enjoyed the experiments, and they were simple enough to do on his own. A great way to fill the gap between what they learn in school and our true history!

-Alexandra P.

This is educational and beneficial to children. We definitely need resources like this in our community! 

-Tamika J.

I love this. This is amazing!

-Whitney H.

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