Frequently asked question #1: What Comes in a Box? 

A picture book about a relatively unknown Black historical figure, 3+ corresponding S.T.E.A.M. activities and 4 or more extras. These activities are based on the curriculum framework from five different states (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, Florida, New York). The activities relate to the historical figure's contributions, career, or field of study. Extras include directions for additional activities, small toys, candy, and puzzles or puzzle worksheets.

Frequently asked question #2: What Does S.t.e.a.m. Stand for?  

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION #3: What are the ages for each box?

Each box has at least one version for children 4-6 and another for children 7-9.  The majority of the texts are accessible for children 4-9, meaning that younger children can be read to while older children can practice reading on their own. The box for 7-9 year olds may occasionally have longer, wordier texts, and more challenging activities. The ages are simply a guide–if you feel your child is better suited for a box that does not align with the age recommendations posted, please buy that box. 

Some boxes are also for ages 10-12. The availability of these 10-12 year old boxes depend on the historical figure featured and my ability to find age-appropriate texts. Older children are more likely to read chapter books with very few to no pictures. The texts used in Beacon Box are often picture books for beginning readers. If you find a text for 10-12 year olds featuring a historical figure already listed on the product page that does not already have a 10-12 year old box, please contact me, and I'll work to make it available.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION #4: What's a full box and what's a mini box?

A full box has 1 book, 3+ S.T.E.A.M. activities and 4 additional extras. The full box also comes with specific age ranges: 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12. A mini box has 1 activity and 1 book only. The age ranges are more general as well, and will state: "4 and up", "8 and up", or "12 and up" depending on the activity.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION #5: I would like to get involved with Beacon Black History Box, How Should I Go About it? 

This is currently a one-woman operation, but here are several ways you can get involved: 

1. Send me some names! If you know of a really cool black historical figure, let me know.

2. Contribute to the box! Are you a writer or illustrator for children's books? We may be able to collaborate on a box. 

3. Spread the word! 

4. Donate

If you still really want to get involved in the day to day operations of Beacon Black History Box, fill out the form on the Contact Me page, and I'll get back to you in a timely manner.