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A Key Indicator of Early Reading Ability that You Probably Haven't Heard of

English is a complicated language to speak, write and read. The English alphabet has only 26 letters, but there are 600,000 words in the English language. Adding to the difficulty is that many words don’t follow proper spelling rules and even more don’t sound like they’re spelled. It’s for this reason that many children spend time in preschool and kindergarten memorizing sight words—after all, many sight words are words that sound differently than the way they are spelled. But if you’re really looking to cement your child’s future success in reading, writing and speaking English, invest time in improving your child’s phonemic awareness.

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Read-Alouds

We all know that reading aloud to your child is important. It builds vocabulary and reading comprehension and it helps with memory. There is no wrong way to read-aloud as long as you’re emphatic while reading, but there are ways to make the gains from reading aloud even greater.

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